Falck Health Coach – Supporting you in achieving your goals

We offer a unique membership that gives you access to a personal coach, who is ready to support and motivate you in a lifestyle change. No matter whether you want to start exercising, find mental balance, sleep better or break negative habits, we are here to help.

Membership in Falck

With a membership with us at Falck, you get access to a personal coach who supports you with your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, no matter if you want to improve your physical or mental health. Together with your health coach, you develop a plan based on your goals and then your coach supports you to reach them.

Your goals can be anything from getting started with exercise, reducing pain or finding mental balance, getting a better sleep or breaking unhealthy habits. The important thing is that we start from yourself and what you want to change.

Your 12-month membership includes:

  • One digital start-up meeting with your health coach (50 minutes)
  • An action plan that is based on your personal needs and that will be followed up
  • Three follow-up meetings online with your health coach (20 minutes)
  • Opportunity to contact your health coach digitally

How does it work? 

Once your membership has been registered, you will receive an email with a booking link. In a digital start-up meeting with your coach, you will together make a plan for your health journey.

You book the start-up meeting with your health coach via a link that you receive when you register. The meeting takes place online via video call and after answering a number of questions, you and your health coach develop an action plan that enables you to reach your goals. Your coach will then support you on your journey by following up on your well-being and goals. 

The action plan that the health coach shares with you will be updated regularly and together with your coach, you will follow up on planned actions.  

Follow-up meetings are either booked regularly or when it suits you, depending on your action plan and what you need help with.  

You will also have the opportunity to contact your health coach digitally in order to get answers to your questions.

What can your health coach help with? 

  • Finding a balance in everyday life 
  • Strategies for recovery and sleep
  • Optimizing exercise habits to achieve your goals
  • Strategies to break unhealthy habits
  • Stress management