Career change

For those of you who are taking the career change programme, here are exercises, documents and webinars that you can use during and between the sessions. Your career coach will provide ongoing instructions and links to the tasks you will perform.


Here you will find our webinars on skills inventory, goals and motivation and finding a new job. 

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Job interview

Here you will find tips and ideas on how to prepare for the job interview, for example with interview questions.

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What is competence?

Competence is about the ability to assess, evaluate and skillfully use and use all the accumulated knowledge and information that one has acquired.

But competence is more than just knowledge. It is the ability to deal with a situation successfully, to act, and to look ahead. Your competence consists of a number of factors:

Acquired through studies, to know facts, theory, to know methods and models.

Being able to learn from successes and mistakes. You will gain more and deeper experiences the older you get. Often means that you find the connection between knowledge and skills.

By skills we mean being able to manufacture, to be able to handle tools, to use your knowledge, to execute.

Interpersonal skills
Influence, social skills, network of contacts. Social skills are developed through the interaction between people in working life, associations, etc. Everyone needs to practice their ability to listen, explain, argue, question, value, encourage and cooperate.

Many situations and problems have no given solutions and actions must be based on values. It's about wanting to do, realizing what's important and taking responsibility.

A psychological term for the factors in the individual that arouse, shape, and direct behavior toward different goals. Theories of motivation explain why we act in the first place and why we do certain things rather than others. In some situations, demotivators can cause us to completely lose the desire/energy to do.

Inner Leadership/Outer Leadership
Just as it sounds, self-leadership is about leading yourself. But in order to be able to lead yourself, you first need to get to know yourself, deeply. To decide what you want with your life and your career, and how to get there.

External leadership is to be able to describe a manager/leader or a leadership that supports you in becoming the best you can be. Should they be coaching? Instructive? Available? Challenging? Give a lot of freedom with responsibility?